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AniyahQueen, is the Creator and Designer of The House Of, aQ.

 All across her Life she has experienced a great deal of Loss and Love. Throughout all of these trials, she has gained a great sense of appreciation for living in the moment. The goal of her latest Collection, and Senior Thesis “ Give Me My Flowers When I’m Alive, I Can’t Smell Them When I’m Dead” is to have viewers stop and acknowledge what we have, before it is what we had. Appreciation and Love are both free to give. She is a New Jersey native, and has always had respect for fashion. Her grandmother would wear these grand hats to church, with beads, flowers, and embellishments. Traditionally enough her Mother is very fashionable, and would always dress up her brother and herself well. Her brother passed away a few years ago, and an abundance of flowers came. They have inspired her to create treasurable garments that have elegance, base and effect. AQ is an American Fashion Designer. Received her education in Fashion Design from Moore College of Art & Design, 2020. Also Granted Associates in Fashion Design in 2017. Launching her debut collection, at The Barnes Foundation. The House was founded in 2015. She began designing in her childhood. Professional experience includes internships as an Operations Manager to learn the business of Fashion Design, and Working as a Junior Designer Intern for Prajje Oscar. She has Featured Work as a designer, creative director, artist and stylist. The House of aQ is a brand who's mission is to create timeless, beautiful, and hand crafted designs. The Design Process is personal, she is known to use techniques such as laser cutting, painting, dyeing, and fabric manipulations. She works hundreds of hours hand creating those delicate details each different than the next in her Philadelphia Studio.Through her education and experience she has been allowed to learn these crafts that have granted her a way to represent emotion and body throughout her work as a designer. 


All designs are Handmade by AQ herself.

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